I never complain about being pale, I’m very happy looking like a cute ghost; but what does annoy me is the lack of really fair foundations available. The majority of brands seem to have no idea that us milk-bottle-coloured people wear makeup and we want our face to match the rest of our body. It’s so tough finding a foundation that is light enough, and to be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve ever found a perfect match.

If you are pale, porcelain, fair skinned, Snow White, whatever you want to call it, you’ll know the struggle of finding a liquid foundation that flawlessly looks like a second-skin. Nobody wants that dreaded orange line along the jaw or a mismatched face and neck, can you think of anything worse as a beauty lover? Anyway, I’ve found the answer to every porcelain princesses dreams, and you can totally thank me later.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops – Lightening | £10 | The Body Shop |

I’ve been eyeing these drops from afar since their release a while back but they were always sold out in my local store. Luckily I was in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago when they had a delivery just before I wheeled into the shop; jammy bugger, I know. I knew as soon as I swatched it, I wasn’t leaving MK without it. 

The actual colour of the Lightening Drops isn’t pure white which I initially thought it would be, it’s a combination of white and pink pigment; this means it will neutralise any yellow tones whilst also lightening. One drop will lighten your liquid foundation 1/2 a shade and you can customise this depending on which foundation you’re mixing it with. If you find that your base is too dark or too orange, you need to add this to your makeup vanity right away.

You can see in the above swatch just how much lighter and less yellow the drops have turned my foundation. I used Estee Lauder Double Wear in 1C0 Shell, and it made it much more wearable and suited to my skin tone. I always mix the liquids on the back of my hand so I can go by my skin tone to find the exact colour to apply to my face.

The Lightening Drops don’t alter anything other than the colour of my foundations. I’ve tried them with Nars Sheer Glow, Revlon ColorStay, Mac Studio Fix and Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue; all they’ve done is changed the colour, the quality of the liquid foundations didn’t modify in the slightest.

Since you only need the smallest amount of product to create your ideal shade, and for such an inexpensive price – you absolutely need to check this out. I’ve been on the hunt for a mixer for a while and I’m so impressed with how much this alters my liquids. It also means I can play around with foundations that I’ve disregarded for not matching me or being too yellow.

I don’t need to worry about finding the perfect colour anymore as The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Lightening Drops have entered my life, and I can make my face as porcelain as I want. I can guarantee I’ll still be on the hunt for the best matching foundation but it’s not so much of an issue now that I own this. A girl can never have too many foundations, right?

If you’re fair, this is a game changer. I can’t recommend it enough, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a constant repurchase. 

N.B. TBS also have Darkening Drops to counteract dark or ashy foundations!

Have you tried The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops?


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