Last week I attended my first blogger event at the Clinique counter in Debenhams, intu Milton Keynes. I’m a huge Clinique fan; they were the first luxury skincare brand I used when I was having problematic teenage skin, and more recently I’ve really fallen in love with their makeup, so I was extremely excited to learn more about the brand.

For me, Clinique is synonymous with great skincare and the lovely ladies, Suzie and Corey, that ran the event gave us a background on how and when the brand was created. In 1968 Clinique became the first dermatological and allergy tested line. Their 3-Step skincare was revolutionary and initially customers needed a prescription to find the correct products for their skin. This is one of the main reasons Clinique consultants wear the famous white lab coats.

Next I did the skin questionnaire to find out what skin type I have. This is something the staff at Clinique will do with all customers during a consultation. I have dry combination; I have an oily t-zone and dryness on the perimeter of my face (and tip of my nose because my skin likes to play me).

I also received an answer to a question I’ve never been brave enough to ask a member of the Clinique team; why they wear cellotape on a chain around their neck. Let me enlighten you all; the cellotape was placed on the back of my hand and left for approximately thirty seconds, when removing it dead skin cells were visible which showed how dry the skin gets after a day. Then we folded it over and that proves how much dead skin cells there are after a week. I was extremely impressed with this. I know, I’m easily entertained.

That led nicely into the next part of the materclass, the introduction to the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush. The brush retails for £79 and I gave my hand an intense clean whilst sitting listening to the Clinique consultants tell us all the benefits.

You’d probably expect the bristles on the brush to swirl, scratching the face like a mini car-wash for the skin, but you couldn’t be more wrong. The Sonic System vibrates giving a much gentler cleanse and unclogging pores as it goes. Sign me up for that please. The difference in the bristle colours are not for aesthetic purposes; the white bristles are soft and can be used all over the face whilst the green bristles are a tad stiffer and great for problem areas, such as the sides of the nose and chin.

There’s also different brush heads depending on your skin type. Blemish-prone? They got you. Want an in-home spa treatment? That’s cool, Clinique have a massaging applicator head you can attach to your system. They even have a charcoal-grey head for men, the bristles are much denser and shorter to dislodge any impurities and give a smoother shave. And FYI, my brother is a massive Clinique for Men fan, he loves their products and has seen a vast improvement in his skin since using their line.

The brush heads start at £17 and it’s recommended they’re changed every three months. They whole system is completely waterproof, so can be used in the shower. They’re also really easy to use, you just squeeze your cleanser onto the brush head, hold it to your face, turn on and move it in circular motions. Simple. Make sure you remove your makeup before using though, guys.

Next we got to try on some lipsticks and I gravitated towards a stunning orange/red matte liquid lip in Ripe Pop but ended up going for the vampy Berry Pop as Suzie wanted to see how it looked on my uber pale skin. I didn’t manage to take a selfie I liked but believe me, it was gorgeous.

Ripe Pop

I had such a great evening with Clinique; the staff were lovely, so informative, friendly and made my first blogger event a great one. They also sent me home with a fab goody bag that I’ve already got stuck into. I ran out of my High Impact mascara last month and have been meaning to pick up a replacement as it’s such a staple in my makeup bag, so I was glad to see I’d been gifted that.

And lastly, if you head over to the Clinique counter in Debenhams, Milton Keynes and mention you’ve seen my blog or quote #ClinqueDebsMK you’ll get a free consultation and gift with purchase. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Make sure you pop by if you’re in the area.

Thanks again to Clinique, I loved it.


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