The darling Tarnya | Sweet Allure | tagged me in this 8 Photos of Happiness tag | Thank you, lovely. I highly encourage you to go and check out her gorgeous blog.

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Post your 8 photos of happiness (the photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy).
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My 8 Photos of Happiness:

My first photo is of my Nan and Grandad’s Wedding Day in 1979. I obviously wasn’t there but I’ve always loved this picture. My Nan looks gorgeous and happy whilst my Grandie is rocking super stylish coolness. I lived with my grandparents from the age of five until we lost them within six months of each other in 2009/10. This pic makes me smile a lot and is totally not bringing tears to my eyes.

That’s my Mum and I in Malta in 1988; I was 18 months old. I have absolutely no recollection of this holiday but it’s cute how I’m dragging my spade along the floor after a hard day building sandcastles. Mum always dressed my brother and I in adorable outfits.

She also dressed us as sailors, because what ship wouldn’t want a baby and toddler at the helm? I learnt how to pose at a very young age, as you can tell. I do miss my brothers curls.
August 2006, in the back of a taxi with my bestie, John, before we went into Liverpool to get very drunk for my Mum’s Hen Do. We had such a fun night and this is one of my all-time favourite photos of John and I.
Mother and I do insane quite well. I always find the ridiculous pictures the best.
My nephew, Kaine and my boyfriend, Ian; it’s up there with my favourite ever pictures because my nephew is completely fixated on Ian and it’s just adorable. That’s Roger in the bottom of the pic, he only has one ear now lol.
Like I said, I like stupid pictures. December 2013 at my Masters graduation with Ian. What else can I say? I love it, we’re not normal.
Final one, I took this last week when I went back home for a few days. My nephew is 2 years 7 months old now and he’s absolutely everything to me. We’d been playing blocks but then he wanted to play Hide and Seek. He doesn’t understand the rules yet, so once I count to ‘five’ and tell him that ‘I’m coming’ he jumps out and tells me where he is; this was him revealing himself from the curtains. He’s so bloody cute, I love him so much.
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That’s my 8 Photos of Happiness complete, I hope you liked it.


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    Thanks, Kirsty 🙂 I love that graduation pic haha! I have no idea, I should totally ask my mum what inspired her lol x

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    Thanks, Kirsty 🙂 I love that graduation pic haha! I have no idea, I should totally ask my mum what inspired her lol x

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