So I have this thing with planners, and you can see my collection here but I thought I’d share five things I use all the time in my main A5 Duck Egg Filofax. If you’re a stationery fan, you probably want to check this out too.

  1. Washi Tape
    I can’t stop buying the stuff, I have so many different colours, finishes and designs, and I’ll probably continue getting more. I use washi tape in my planner for underlining things, creating boxes to write specific notes in, along the bottom of pages to jazz them up, sticking in a small piece of notepaper – there’s so many uses. Not only that but they’re great for decorating happy mail and adhering prints to walls. If you haven’t got any washi tape get yourself on Etsy immediately.
  2. Stickers
    I realise I’m 30 years old and writing about stickers but I don’t care. You can’t be on top of your planner game without a shit load of cute stickers. They’re fab for decoration as well as organising. You can get them for all kinds of things, including meal prep, appointments and date nights. There’s literally every sticker pack you can imagine on Etsy; it’s a wondrous place.
  3. Sticky Notes
    Are you like me and have sticky notes in all shapes, sizes and colours? I can’t help myself, I need them all. You never know when you may need to write a note but not want to ruin the prettiness of your diary. I mainly use sticky notes in my planner for planning blog pictures; I write a list on a sticky note, place it near my weekly to-do list and when I’m having a photography day, I remove the note to remind me what images I have to shoot.
  4. Paperclips
    You can buy so many cute paperclips nowadays and I’m all about it. The heart shaped ones are from a stationery set I got from Kikki-K and the rest are from Etsy (shocker). I use paperclips as dividers or page markers, as well as clipping paper to my planner. I like the fabric ones as they’re easy to locate once your planner is closed, and they look adorable.
  5. Pens
    I have pens all over my house. Coloured pens, ballpoint pens, four-way pens – I have a lot of pens. I probably had so many more as a kid because I didn’t know I had a preference but now I only tend to buy ballpoint, they’re just my favourite. And I don’t even use them often as I physically can’t but I have plenty. I even have a slim pencil case in my backpack just in case there’s a writing emergency when I go out (I never go out).

I’m a stationery lover and I can’t go anywhere without looking at pens. I’ve always been this way. My favourite time during the school holidays was shopping for new stationery supplies, sod the fairground or swimming, I wanted all the new writing equipment. And a new pencil case. Ah those were the days.

Now, I always go looking at fancy pens but can never justify the cost since in reality, I can’t even hold a pen for long due to my disability. I can literally write a few words and then my hand stops working, so forking out on a pretty pen isn’t really my wisest option. So when T.H. Baker got in touch and asked me to pick a Swarovski pen from their site, I was more than excited.

I went with the lilac Stardust pen, it’s really light, absolutely beautiful and can be used on my phone due to the stylus top.

Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Stylus Pen – Lilac* | £35 | T.H. Baker |

I did a huge stationery haul last year and featured quite a lot of my favourite Etsy shops. If you fancy checking out anything pictured in the images above, check that post out here. Also make sure you go find the shops on Instagram as they usually have discount codes in their bios.
What are your planner essentials?
Disclaimer: *This product was sent to me for review. All views are 100% honest and unbiased


  1. BJM


    Didn't think to check out Etsy for my planner needs! You can never have too many stickers 😉

    xx Bry Jaimea ||

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