It’s my 30th birthday on Thursday; I’ve mentioned it a lot on Twitter, probably too much, but if you don’t follow me over there you might not know that your girl is soon to be leaving her twenties behind and opening up the next chapter of her life.

30…how do I feel about turning 30? Meh, shit happens. I guess I don’t have a choice and I’m always told I look a lot younger than my age so as long as people think I’m younger, I’ll be happy.

So here’s a few things that have happened over the last 30 years…

  1. I was born 12th January 1987
  2. My brother made an appearance and I was (so I’m told) made up
  3. I started nursery
  4. I was a camel in my nativity
  5. My Mum, brother and I moved in with my Nan and Grandad
  6. I went to my first Liverpool football match
  7. I got my first dog, a Yorkshire Terrier named Deano
  8. I started majorettes
  9. I had my tonsils out
  10. In Year 6 we did a pantomime and I played Aladdin 
  11. Went abroad for the first time, to Spain. I wrote about it here
  12. My Pops came into our lives
  13. I had an operation on my hip that changed my life completely
  14. I was sat boy/girl in English class and met my best friend, John
  15. I spent more time going back and fourth to hospitals than anything else
  16. I somehow managed to pass all my GCSE’s despite missing a lot of school due to health issues
  17. I started working at my old Primary School
  18. Mum and Pops got married (I was technically 19 but don’t tell anyone)
  19. I passed my driving test
  20. I finally received a diagnosis of EDS (this happened when I was 19 too)
  21. I went to Paris
  22. I started my undergraduate degree 
  23. My world fell apart when I lost my Nan and Grandad
  24. I had an Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party
  25. I met my boyfriend, Ian
  26. I graduated with a BA and MA in English (combining these)
  27. My little sunshine, my nephew, Kaine, was born
  28. After living up north for 28 years, I moved to the East Midlands
  29. I changed my surname – but lots happened last year, I wrote about it here
  30. Lots of exciting things to come…
I could have probably added a lot more but ya know, I’m sticking with the whole 30 thing! And FYI there’s still plenty of time to send me presents and money or both, they’ll obviously be greatly appreciated 😉


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    Well done for passing all your GCSEs when you missed so much school! Can't wait to see what this year has planned for you…x

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    EDS like ehlers danlos syndrome?? My baby cousin ( well she's 23 so not a baby anymore) was recently diagnosed with that and POTS. It took forever for them to figure out what she had. They told her she was crazy, making herself sick, that she had anorexia, all kinds of things..
    It's been really eye opening to watch her journey.

    Hope lots of great things continue to happen with you!


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