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Hopefully this January will be nothing like last as it seemed to go on for eleven months. And as we’ve entered 2019, I thought it’d be a good time to take a look back at last year and review some of the things that happened.

So, here’s a few awesome things that happened in 2018.

  • Teddy
    We got our Cockapoo puppy, Ted, and he’s made the biggest difference to our lives. I have no idea what my life was without him, I adore the little ginger fluffball.
  • Cosmopolitan
    I wrote a bloody article about disability and sex for Cosmo. It was such a massive thing for me to bring this taboo (eye roll) subject to mainstream media.
  • Rebrand
    I said goodbye to Wonderland and hello to From Sarah Lex. I’d wanted to do it for ages and finally took the plunge and it was such a good decision as I haven’t looked back.
  • Collabs
    I worked with some amazing brands both on here and via Instagram, including Yours Clothing, Debenhams, River Island, Leesa, World Duty Free, Being Sanctuary, Rushden Lakes and more – I’m very grateful for all the opportunities!
  • Friends
    I got to meet one of my best friends, Beth from Mermaid in Disguise at Naidex and then again at the Curve Fashion Fest, I’ll hopefully see her a lot more this year. I also met the lovely Zoe from Mammaful Zo, I absolutely love her and am seeing her again next week. I spent many an hour on the phone to my babe, Elle and am really hoping we get to see each other this year. Finally, I met and got to cuddle loads of amazing bloggers at the Curve Fashion Festival.
  • Self-love journey
    I had no idea I needed this or expected it to happen but I started my journey of body positivity and self-love and my confidence has soared. I’m loving fashion and being in front of the camera, it’s massively changed the way I think about myself.
  • Book
    I was featured in an anthology compiled by Pippa Stacey sharing my letter to my chronic illness. You can check out Dear Chronic Illness here.
  • Freelance
    I wrote quite a few articles for various magazines that I am incredibly proud of; was interviewed and featured in the Metro, Cosmo, Blue Badge Company, and more. You can see it all on my Press Page.
I know for a fact that I have probably forgotten something but that can’t be helped with my dodgy memory. All in all, it’s been a pretty good year with lots of highlights and hopefully this year will be even better. 
What was your highlight of 2018?


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