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Do you know what I’m sick of seeing? ‘Oh <insert persons name here> is so lovely despite their disability’. As someone that identifies as disabled, that one word, ‘despite’ infuriates me so much. Why can’t they just be lovely? What does their disability have to do with anything? Using that shitty little D-word is so problematic and I will always challenge it. It implies that having a disability is something we all must overcome, something that we shouldn’t let affect us, but do you know what? Fuck that.

My disability is the biggest part of my life, it controls everything; not because I let it but because I have to consider every scenario before going somewhere or doing something. It’s not a negative. I mean, no jokes here, the constant pain is a negative but I’m not angry that I’m disabled. Having a disability isn’t a bad thing in my opinion.

So, since I’m a ranter and I’ve seen this ‘despite’ bullshit a lot this last week, I thought I’d reel off a list (I do love a list) of reasons why I’m awesome because of my disability, not despite it. Excuse the narcissism but I hope this incites some self love in those of you that happen to stop by.

  1. I’m strong af
    I’m in pain everyday and still getting up and kicking arse. Most days I only make it to the bathroom and back to the bedroom but I got this shit.
  2. I’m a good listener
    I’m always a DM/tweet/text/phone call away.
  3. I’m friends with all dogs
    Everywhere I go, if I look at a dog the owner will stop and let me have a cuddle. Wheelchair perks.
  4. I’m empathetic
    I will do my best to help someone, and never compare my situation to theirs. It’s really important to me to never disregard someone else’s feelings/pain/illness.
  5. I can appreciate the small things
    A kind, out of the blue message, a hug, a letter – I’m over the moon when someone thinks about me.
  6. I can swallow fifteen tablets in one go
  7. I’ll make you laugh with crip humour
    I have quite a sick sense of humour and I’ll always make light in awkward situations. You want me to run over your ex in my wheelchair? It’s on.
  8. I’m constantly learning
    Learning about myself, my body, my conditions, other people, their impairments etc.
  9. I’m an awesome friend
    I’m always awake so you’ll have someone to talk to. I practically live in my pyjamas so you don’t have to spend any money going on nights out, we can stay in and watch Netflix. And if we do go out you can hang all your shopping on the back of my wheelchair.
  10. And a cheap date
    Did someone say disability concessions?
I know a few of those aren’t limited to being disabled and there’s a few joke ones but I’m not ashamed to say that I’m disabled. My disability defines me and that’s okay. 
Tell me something that makes you awesome.


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    Loved this!!! I'm awesome because of my disability because I get us through airport security fast track and fab seats on the plane ha ha šŸ˜‰ I can also manage to completely forget what I'm saying mid sentence, not many people can do that šŸ˜‰ xxxxx

    Zoe ā™„ MammafulZo

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    You are awesome and I totally get where your coming from. I was explaining a procedure I had to gave done at the hospital the other day to a friend and she just went on and on about her problems. I just wanted her to listen! You are such a dab role model for girls with abilities and disabilities xxxx

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    Ahh Sarah I really love this šŸ™‚ Such a positive outlook on life and gave me a good giggle! Can you run over my ex please? ļæ½ļæ½ Clare xx |

  4. GB


    I read each point and say yeah we have skills!
    I love the tablet trick to, friends and my mam and husband are envious, as it's just a neck it kind of thing for me. They make a meals of just one tablet!

    I to am excited I make it to bathroom and back. Today being a case in example.
    I get vile migraine type problems if I'm handled in wrong way or in fact I just wake up rough. Today I sobbed and screamed in pain.
    But I've perfected it well I cry ridiculous amounts then just curl up and sleep. Which is why in awake now! I got this down, I know how to handle it! I feel like Olivia pope (scandal reference)

    I can look with puppy dog eyes and say I need extra help and jump queues!

    Honestly we've got this shizzle down! When I can switch the light on I'm writing my top 10.

    You've inspired me!!!

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