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Since embarking on my journey of body positivity, I have found so much love, inspiration and empowerment from accounts on Instagram. The profiles I’m going to share send amazing messages, post gorgeous pictures and are wonderfully supportive.

As I’ve delved deeper into the community, I finally feel like there’s a place I belong, bodies I can relate to and women that are totally kicking arse. It makes me want to do better and be better. Not only that but am I loving curating my feed and engaging with people that understand the fat life.

I wanted to show some love to ten accounts that are all under 20k followers and deserve so much more because they’re absolutely awesome. So, in no particular order:

Plus size woman stood sideways against wall wearing black dress
Michaela at Cardifforniagurl
Plus size woman with blonde hair sitting on arm of sofa wearing black bodysuit and trainers
Joey at Joeydarlinn
Plus size black woman wearing Calvin Klein underwear
Stephanie at Stephaniedjl
Plus size woman with blonde hair wearing hat, tweed coat and print dress

Poppy at Poppyadams
Plus size woman with long brown hair wearing dinosaur top and red beret
Sophie at Sophiepaynexo
Plus size woman with long black hair wearing floral dress
Abbie at Dream0graphy
Plus size woman wearing double denim walking upstairs
Plus size woman with blonde hair wearing beaded denim jacket

Plus size woman sat on plush sofa wearing red dress

Plus size woman sat down with a drink wearing all black
Harry Jane at Harrryjane
Definitely go and check out these accounts, show them some love and let me know if you found some new people to follow!

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